Friday, May 14, 2010

Help Me Rhonda!

Are you currently pregnant or have you ever been pregnant?
If your answer is YES then please help me with a school project!
I am currently taking American Folklore and for my folklore project I am compiling folklore about diet and health during pregnancy.
Were you told you eat certain foods to determine the gender of your baby? Have you heard strange rumors regarding exercising during pregnancy? What weird stories have you heard concerning pregnancy, diet, and health?
Any information helps and it will make my project amazing! If are willing to help, you can email me at or you can leave your email in the comments and I will contact you. I'll just need to ask you a few detailed questions! Thank you so much!

Here is a quite update on our lives. I am currently taking NINE credits and working and I feel like my life is a vortex spinning out of control. Nick is interning at Creative Marketing, working, and studying NON STOP for the LSAT. He's amazing.

We recently moved to Orem into a basement apartment. When life slows down I will take a picture of the darling house we live in. Our landlords are in our ward and they are the nicest sweetest people and we love living below them. They have a cute garden and our yard is full of tulips. While our home looks more put together than the picture below, we still have a lot of work to do. Unfortunately the unpacking will have to wait until Spring semester is over.

Recently Nick and I were talking about building a house someday. However, what I did not realize before we got married was our different tastes concerning home decor. Displayed below is an example of Nick's excellent home decor flavor. We had a conversation about this "fish" last night. It went something like this:

Me: I can't wait until we have a place we can afford to decorate the way we like. Then we won't have to put our ghetto Color Me Mine projects on the shelves.

Nick: What are you talking about? My fish?

Me: SILENCE (realizing I've pinched a nerve and instantly regretting my decision to bad mouth Nick's most precious homemade piece of art)

Nick: That thing looks like its from an antique store! People would kill to have art like that in their home!

Me: Laughing, but feeling slightly guilty since my husband is dead serious.

Nick: Are you laughing? I'm being serious! Everyone comments on how classy that fish is! It should be in an antique store!

Me: Laughing to the point of crying.

Nick: Offended, stomps off taking the fish with him to bed.

How could you not love this guy? He knows all about "antiques."

Just a few pics of our 1 year anniversary before we went to dinner. You can't see but there are boxes EVERYWHERE. We had a great time despite our crazy move that weekend.


Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh, SO funny! I'm dying!

You can send me an email if you want and I'll try to help you with the pregnancy thing. I'm not pregnant now though! Thank goodness!

Matt and Amanda Ekman said...

Oh my gosh girl we totally looked at that basement apartment when we were looking for a new place haha I was like that looks familiar :)

Darcee said...

Loved chatting today and I cannot wait to see you!!! YAY!!! Honestly, I have to say that I think Nick's fish is pretty good. I don't know about it being an antique but I do think it's quite impressive. Maybe it could have a spot in his den someday. (That's where I always tell Brent he can put weird things like mission keepsakes)

The Davis Family said...

Hey Syd! I'd be happy to answer any questions for you ... I've definitely heard some interesting rumors about foods and exercise while you're pregnant. My email is davisclub@gmailcom. That fish story is hilarious!


Arleene Taylor said...

oh holy crap syd, that's hilarious! Only bc I know the emotions that the fish is capable of stirring up haha. i'm sad i didnt get to see your new place, i hope it's treating you guys well. it looks great. We're settling in too, getting things out of boxes and making it feel like a home for us. We love being in California, can't even tell you. All while still feeling like we will be going "home"to Utah to our little house, weird how attached you get sometimes.

love ya!!

Ashley and Zach Smart said...

Did Nick decide he's going to take the LSAT in June? These studious boys of ours.... I'm super jealous of your cute apartment! Not so jealous of the fish though. :)

Darrell said...

I'm with Nick all the way on the fish. I think it's totally amazing. I'm certain that it would go for at least a Benjamin if it were sitting around in the Shopkeeper--and I might just be the guy to buy it!