Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fitzwilliam Darcy

I have no legitimate reason to put this in here. But lets be honest - Do I need one?

Moving on. Thanks everyone for your emails about pregnancy! You guys are amazing and I'm sure my project will turn out dandy. In other news, I am currently taking 9 credits and working. For those of you who are considering EVER putting yourself through something similar, please know that I currently look like this:

My husband is starving, I'm out of shampoo, I quit doing laundry a week ago, and ... after three weeks in our new apartment, it still looks like we just moved in. However, I promised myself that 8 extremely difficult weeks would be worth not having to take classes summer term. I know that I will be grateful for killing myself Spring semester when Mr. Jordan and I are enjoying ourselves in July and August.

Speaking of enjoying myself, the Grey's Anatomy Season Finale is TONIGHT. Remember that one time I complained about taking 9 credits and having an impossible amount of school work? Nope, neither do I.

And to prove that I am blatantly ignoring my school work, I will announce perhaps the best news circulating the globe at his moment.
Wait for it.....
In LESS than 24 hours, I will be on a plane to Portland, where I will squeeze, hug, kiss, snuggle, maul, love, and pinch these little people until I have to leave Sunday night:

My sanity needs this. Scratch that. My sanity needs THEM. Unfortunately, babies have to sleep, so I will have to let them out of my sight for a few moments. Luckily, Darcee and I will have the much needed opportunity to make 4-5 pans of Scotcheroos, eat our feelings, and talk about life. It gets better!
Wait for it....
You are probably wondering how my life could get any better than fatty treats and chubby babies... Mamacita and Lil' D will also be joining the festivities in P-Town! Its going to be a bootylicious weekend for sure.

Sadly, we can't all have our cake and eat it too.
Sister #2 is currently galavanting the globe with Michelle Obama or something like that, so she won't be able to make the party, but her life is cooler than everyone else's so I figure its okay. Fortunately for Sister #2, She's hot and unbelievably tan 365 days a year.


If any of you still believe sister #2 is CAUCASIAN, please call me. I will give you a legitimate list of reasons why sister #2 CANNOT be white. (Besides the obvious)

In equally devastating news, my partner-in-crime will also be MIA this weekend.
What will I do without this face?
Suddenly I remember why Fitzwilliam Darcy was on my mind.
Don't feel too sorry for my Mr. Darcy - He will be in Vegas on a golf course with Mr. Bingley this weekend.


Rachey Smart said...

I feel like that bear too! Danny and I both have a full load, so we feel your pain! Cute post Syd, have fun in P-Town!! :)

Jana said...

While being with your cute niece and nephews would be a fabulous way to spend the weekend, I for one would love to be galavanting the globe with Michelle Obama. What an amazing time that would be with an amazing women.
Chelsea could come to :)

Have fun in Portland!!!

sheila said...

Hey Jane, probably one of your greatest posts ever! Mostly because it covered so many wonderful subjects and with lovely pictures too. Can't wait to wrestle you for the lovely treasures we will be seeing this weekend, can't wait to see you. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

haha I love reading your posts! they are so entertaining!

Darrell said...

Way funny post! i would give anything to be in Portland this weekend with you guys. Can you feel my pain?!

cheryl said...

What a cute post. You are too clever. Your weekend sounds like so much fun, and a well deserved break. Have a blast and say, "HI!" to all in Portland.

Matt and Amanda Ekman said...

I know your pain girl! I am also taking 9 credits and working part-time, its killing me! haha And omg did you watch greys, i just about had a heart attack by the end haha Have fun in Portland!

Alix Mae said...

Syd. I love all your posts. I only WISH I could write as well as you. Love ya! :)