Monday, April 19, 2010

The Great Barrier Reef

Someone recently built a fortress (out of pillows) the size of the Great Barrier Reef in our bed.

The prevaricator: The husband.
The reason: The wife radiates too much body heat.
The consequence: The husband has to take down and re-build his fortress each night. Its impossible to make a bed amidst "The Great Pillow Reef."

If our pillow reef looked like this, I might consider living in Utah a little longer.
But it doesn't.
And I can't wait to leave.


Saimi said...

He either better get used to it, or buy a King Size bed because if you radiate body heat now, wait until menopause hits!

Rachey Smart said...

Ha ha, pillow reef. I like:) You guys are so cute. Utah isn't THAT bad is it?