Monday, April 5, 2010


The Easter bunny came to our house this weekend!
Unfortunately, he was too speedy and we didn't get any pictures.
Nor did we take any pictures of conference or anything else that happened this weekend.

However, highlights of our weekend include:
- Falling asleep at 9 PM on Friday night (glorious)
- Conference Saturday and Sunday
- Sticky buns
- Seeing the new Miley Cyrus movie with our friends Mike and Lauren. (we all cried)
- Buying a pair of shorts for 72 CENTS at gap. (originally $50)

The Story: My friend Lauren and I went into Gap while we were waiting for our boys to be done with Priesthood Session. We both bought a pair of shorts (about six sizes too big for us) for 72 Cents and $1.00, respectively. We plan to alter them to fit us - but if it doesn't work out, 72 Cents isn't that big of a deal. IF it does work out ... that will be the deal of a lifetime. What is that - like 99.9% off?

- In equally exciting news, Nick and I both applied for graduation.

I feel lame for not having any pictures.
And this post doesn't make much sense.


Tiffany said...

ok, so many things to comment on! 1st, 97 cents!??!? That's CRAZY! What size are they? Maybe if it doesn't work out, you can just sell them to me for 1.00. Hey, you will make 3 cents! Haha. 2nd, I want to be there with you to play with you guys while our husbands are at priesthood! and 3rd... I miss you... and so does Brooklyn! (Like I said, I'm going to keep saying it until I see you again) :) Oh, and 4th... Brooklyn turns 1 on Wed, so that means you guys have almost been married for a full year! CRAZY!

Sydney said...

Tiff! We are coming for sure in August. You guys better be around! I'm thinking Disneyland? Seriously I just need to see you so we can talk for like 7 hours.

sheila said...

Syd, I loved the post mostly because of your statement about applying for graduation!!! Also don't forget where you learned those shopping tactics!!! (Don't come to me for advice on how to alter, sorry!!!) Can't wait to see you two soon.

Ashley and Zach Smart said...

Yea for Easter weekend! (And yea for 72 cent pants...?!?) Your friends Mike and Lauren aren't the Schreiner's are they??

Darcee said...

hooray for Graduation! And awesome score on the shorts! When you get up here, Mom promised to bring you down for a shopping trip a la Portland, tax free! Can't wait!
Tell Nick, the fact that he saw Miley Cyrus' new movie is "Kickin'".