Monday, February 15, 2010

V-Day: Husband 99, Wife 12

Valentinesdayness. Its a verb and a noun ... and it totally rocks.

The Lovers aka Mr. and Mrs.

The Goods from Him to Her

A Pretty Dress.

Various goodies from her favorite home store.

The Goods from Her to Him

*Disclaimer: Only one person in this two part celestial marriage EVER sticks to the budget. You are probably wondering how such poor college students could afford such a pretty dress and wonderful surprises from "Sur La Table." Well that's because ONE of us - I won't tell you who - ALWAYS ALWAYS sticks to the budget for holidays and birthdays. Even thought I can't tell you who SHE or he is, SHE or he might have long brown hair and a huge zit the size of Mount Kilamanjaro on HER or his forehead due to hormonal issues.

Anyway... back to the goods

Shark Week DVD!

Climbing Knots Book from REI

Snow saw

Palate pleasing goodness

Cake bites from the "Sweet Tooth Fairy" in Provo.

Attempted palate pleasing goodness

A few dinners and treats by this crazy person

Overall, Valentinesdayness was a complete success. Definitely lopsided in favor of the Mrs., but the Mr. didn't fair too poorly either.

Oh and for those of you are just DYING to know who actually sticks to the budget when it comes to holidays and birthdays - it is definitely the Mrs.

I guess saving money is a talent I was born with...


Arleene Taylor said...

haha except for when we're together, because the budget just goes out the window! We're bad, but so good :)

sheila said...

hmmmmm, a budgeter, you? That must come from the Hague side, most definitely NOT from the Smart side of la familia!!! P.S. You are looking smokin' hot in that kitchen! Yellow is soooo you! Keep those great posts coming! Love, Mom

The Davis Family said...

Oh my gosh, that's us too! So funny!


Tiffany said...

You look cute and I love the dress!

The Andersons said...

Sounds like Nick likes to spoil you! Glad you guys had a great first (married) Valentines Day.
PS- I love love love your red Kitchen Aid!