Sunday, February 21, 2010


Some people blog about their children. Others blog about their pets, recipes, or great things - like saving the world.
Luckily for all of you (aka Mom, since you're probably the only person who really reads our blog) are in for a real treat.
Because guess what?
I am not one of those people who blogs about darling kids, or Rover, or saving the world.
I blog about one thing - MYSELF. Well, occasionally I blog about my husband, but I don't usually talk about him without talking about myself first, so I guess what I'm trying to do is apologize for my narcissism.
However, I'm going to give one of "those apologies." By that I mean those apologies that you eagerly dished out when you were a kid because you were fighting with your sibling and your parents would feel better if you at least said the words "I'm Sorry," even though everybody in the room knew that they were just feel good words.
So I'm "sorry" for my narcissism, but some of this stuff was just too darn awesome to keep to myself.
Numero Uno
Pepper Nix, who is my favorite photographer IN THE WORLD and who also happened to shoot Jordanpalooza on May 1, 2009 (You may have heard of it because it was kind of a big deal) did the thing that great bloggers really do - SHE blogged about someone else, and that someone else is yours truly and my truly.
So in honor of my post on narcissim - here's the link.
Scroll down just a pinch and you will see THREE seperate blog posts about Jordanpalooza. (The wedding, rehearsal dinner, and reception.)
Is it horrible that I sort of feel like a celebrity?
I'm officially on etsy! I've only had time to put up three headbands, but I'm now making belts and shirts. So hopefully within the next few weeks or so I can get some more pictures on my website. My esty is
And tell your friends because I'm poor and I would really really like a hand mixer.


Tiffany said...

LOVE the pictures! And I'll be a narcissist right now and say someone amazing must have told you to get Pepper! Because she is the best and only shoots the best weddings! Hehe.

Also, shirts and belts?!?! You are the renaissance woman! Way to go! I still miss you. When am I seeing you next?

sheila said...

Syd, I am sooo not happy with you right now. I sat down at the computer an hour ago to check out some blogs really quick because I have a TON to do today and what do you know I stumble onto my two favorite newlyweds and your awesome post with fabulous pics and all! Now after laughing out loud added with a few tears I am experiencing memories all over again of that special day we all enjoyed. Loved, loved, loved, your post, now on to the laundry!!

Aimee said...

have i told you that i adore those headbands you've made? maybe when i have extra money i'll buy one so you can buy your hand mixer.

also. i loved reading about your wedding from pepper and looking through your pictures. where did you get your dress?!

also. what kind of health insurance do you and nick have? everything seems so miserable to pay for each month when we don't really need anything fancy. so i'm trying to get ideas :)

Ashley and Zach Smart said...

Oh goodness, Sydney. Your wedding pics are ridiculosly beautiful. I am glad they were posted so I could see them! You are a darling couple. P.S. I also really like your headbands.

Ashley and Zach Smart said...

Oh, and I really can spell ridiculously.

Sarah E. Reynolds said...

I heart you. Blogs = the best excuse for narcissism, but is it really narcissism if your name is Sydney and you are wonderful? I mean, can the truth be narcissism?

Chew on THAT. :)

Mary Jane said...

How funny, Sydney, thinking only your mom reads your blog! You probably don't even remember me (Casey & Anna's mom) but I read your blog all the time. And it looks like others do, too, since I'm the 7th comment! It's in my "Favorite Friends Pages." Your pictures are great. And I really like your headbands, too.

Sara said...

Hey Sydney! We don't know each other, but Brent's my cousin and I adore Darcee and I love your blog and your pictures!!! Gorgeous!! So I guess it's ok they went to your wedding instead of mine. ;) I'm livin the BYU life too - good times. Cheers!

Sara said...

ps I also love your clothes - especially your dresses. Where in the world do you get them??

Sydney said...

Sara - Congrats on getting married! May weddings are the best! I get my dresses all over especially now since they have to be on sale! Are you guys living in provo?

Sara said...

Thanks, marriage is definitely the BEST! ya, we're in Provo - I'm on my last year and Trevor has about 3 1/2 more years left.