Thursday, February 26, 2009

GQ Man of the Year

Am I surprised my husband-to-be was chosen for GQ man of the year? Of course not! I am marrying him...good looks were included in the packaged deal! Its hard to believe that someone so attractive could have so many other endearing qualities! But I'm not complaining....
Here are ten things about Nicholas I absolutely love: 
1. Nick knows how to work hard and play hard. He always makes time for the things he loves (me, surfing, snowboarding...) without having to sacrifice other important things because he works harder than anyone I know.
2. Nick is hands down the nicest person I know. He always holds the door open for me and the next fifty people that happen to be behind us. If we want to be on time, we have to leave REALLY early, so Nick can hold doors for everyone.
3. He always does the dishes after I "cook" for him. Cooking is very broad term and is open to many interpretations, including some interesting ones by me, but no matter what I make, even a PB&J he never lets me do the dishes.
4. He is the HTD (Human Tracking Device). Every time the UPS man comes to his house, or mine, or anybody's house that we know and they happen to miss their package, Nick has the unbelievable ability to hunt and find the UPS Man. They probably know him by name since he has their drop-off schedule memorized. 
5. Nick is patient, especially with me. He has taught me how to snowboard, surf, and attempted multiple times to teach me how to flip open a knife and shoot a gun. When I'm frustrated, he lets me complain, when I'm mad, he lets me get it all out. But he always listens to what I have to say, even if it is dramatic. (Which sadly for me is more often than not)
6. Nick loves all the same candy as me! Sour patch and Hershey's cookies and cream bars all the way.
7. Nick can eat an entire batch (14) of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls in one sitting and then be hungry an hour later. Yet the trans fat in those cinnamon rolls seems to pass by his thighs. He is truly blessed.
8. Nick helps me with French flash cards. He will hold up flash card after flash card for hours, not understanding a word I say, just so I can learn my vocabulary. 
9. Nick is realistic, but motivated. While I've got the motivation part down, I am fortunate to have someone who can look at the whole picture and really get it. He's got a lot of plans, but each one of them is actually plausible! I often wonder what that feels like, but knowing someone who is capable of that is good enough for me.
10. Nick is humble. He has more talents and more reasons to be a show-off than most. He can do pretty much anything and I often refer to him as "Midas," because so much of what he does, turns out well. However, Midas didn't really deserve all the great stuff, but Nick always does! He always points the finger in another direction when its usually him, and he will never admit he is good at something, even though he's good at everything.

Og Mandino never said there couldn't be TWO Nature's Greatest Miracles. And I think he made an exception when he realized Dad and Nick just couldn't compete. They are too great! I am so fortunate to have such miracles in my life! And even though I'm marrying a super OLD and wrinkly miracles (Nick is 23!) I still feel like the luckiest girl alive. Happy Birthday Nick!


Nick said...

Thanks babe! I seriously don't deserve nine of those reasons. I must say that number seven truly is a good reason that is actually correct and true. You are amazing babe! I love you!

Darcee said...

While I detest both of your taste in treats, I loved your post. Happy Birthday, Nick! Hope you guys have fun this weekend!
Syd, did you make that cake from scratch for Nick?

Sydney said...

You better believe it! Thanks to the cake doctor! The frosting is homemade too. I evened churned the butter!

Darrell said...

Great tribute to a great young man! And to think we were almost birthday buddies. I gotta agree with DK about the candy. Great pics. Very Bond like on the beach.