Thursday, May 11, 2017

Three Girls

It's never that weird to me that we have three girls. It just seems right - like I was meant to cry every morning when I'm doing ten billion heads of hair. 😖 Having all one gender has it's perks. I'll let you ruminate while I illuminate (thanks, Genie!) ...

I told Nick that I was legit hiring a photographer to take pictures of Scarlett. We've been fortunate enough to have close friends do it for inexpensive/free, but I really wanted nice pictures of Scarlett and I don't know why I felt so strongly about it. Anyway, Whitney was supposed to come at 9 AM and since I was sleep deprived and not sleeping at all, I FORGOT TO SET MY ALARM. So when the baby woke up to eat at 8:30 (I just assumed that when she ate at 6:00 my alarm would wake me up at 7:00) and I still had to nurse her/get my kids ready/clean my house/take a shower ... I realized it was going to be a stressful 30 minutes. 
Here's the part where having all one gender is kind of awesome. I wasn't quite sure what the girls would wear, but luckily we have a whole closet of girl clothes in pretty much every size so I was able to grab something in five seconds, throw it on each girl and although my house (and myself) looked like a hot mess, we were ready when Whitney showed up. I was slightly embarrassed that I looked so disgusting and that my house was so dirty, but then I realized - I JUST HAD A BABY! So eat it societal norms! I'm gonna do my thing and be okay with it.

Anyway, I'm so happy with the pictures despite the fact that Anna was a devil child. She is normally my sweet, easy going gal, but WHOA! She was not having the photos and would not cooperate so we didn't get a great one of all of them, but whatever! Real life, man!

Scarlett was so wide awake the whole time! I know people say that drinking caffeine has no effect on the baby in utero, but this girl may be a Diet Dr. Pepper baby. Thank you hormonal pregnancy headaches.

We hadn't been in our house very long and still didn't have a bed/bedspread/decor (it basically looks the same - I don't have the energy/money to decorate currently) so I borrowed a bedspread from a friend and we went with a minimalist look... haha! 



And now for the main attraction...

This feels like a lifetime ago and also like it was yesterday. Life is weird ... and awesome. We love you Scarlett! So glad you belong with us.

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ellen said...

These photos are beautiful!