Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Every Child Is A Winner, But Especially MY Child

Ev participated in soccer for the first time this Spring.
We spent seven consecutive Saturdays braving the intense Yakima wind.
Grandpa Smart spent seven consecutive Saturdays chasing the Cupcake Fairy all over town.

The Cupcake Fairy hasn't quite grasped the concept of sidelines. In her brain, she's free to roam wherever she pleases.

The world is her cupcake - literally.

The Cupcake Fairy is rarely seen without her costume these days.

Yes, even at her sister's soccer games.

Hanging with her most loyal subject, Grandma.

It's always a good time with these two.

Like I said, literal cupcakes are usually involved.

At halftime, Ev's like,"IS IT TIME FOR TREATS NOW?!"
She totally gets the concept of soccer.

When not dressed up as the Cupcake Fairy, Anna makes it her personal mission to taste everyone on the team's water. How else would you know who has the best water?

An action shot of someone else's kid, mostly.

On the field, chillin' like a villain.

A girl and her coach.

It was so fun to watch them out on the field together.

Before every game, they announce your name and you get to run through the tunnel that says, "Every Child is a Winner." Ev tripped going through the tunnel on one of her very first games and the magic of the whole situation sort of diminished. 

Luckily she was able to push through her disappointment and enjoy being praised pre-game each Saturday.

Our team - The Little Flash

A freezing Anna and a spiffy Grandpa.

I should mention that Anna is starting to talk more. She's mostly mute, preferring to use sign language. Her first three words in this particular order:
1. Mama
2. Bubble
3. Bam-pa (Grandpa)

Whenever someone knocks on our door, she runs to it crying, "Bam-pa! Bam-pa!" When its not Grandpa, she throws a tantrum, crying for her "Bam-pa." We have to spell out his name in front of her because if she hears his name she goes berzerk. 
He is quite literally, one of her favorite people.

Some practice shots of Ev.
(She is in time-out here)

Pretending to stretch. 

Coach Nick, Asst. Coach Anna and the team.

Anna was such a good little helper at each practice.

She took picking up the cones very seriously. Very seriously. It was basically impossible to pry them from her tiny fingers.

Screaming at me to let her have the cones forever.

Practice clean-up.

What are little sisters for?

For screaming, of course.

And here's the official soccer picture with her coach.

I was out of town for LESS THAN 24 HOURS, running a race in Wenatchee when pictures took place. When I asked how it went, Nick said, "Good. I'm glad you did Ev's hair the night before."
I quickly responded, "I didn't. It actually had been a couple days since I touched it."
Silence from Nick.

Ev's hair looks pretty good, yeah?

Thank goodness for Dads!


Tara Hibbard said...

So cute! All those little soccer players! I can only imagine how fun it would be to watch all of them running around the field. Also I can already imagine Evelyn doing a flashback Friday with that picture of her and nick telling the funny story behind it lol. Fun post!

Cassie Tremblay said...

Hahahaha kids playing soccer, can't even wait!!! Love that nick coached!

Alix said...

Haha love it!