Tuesday, August 6, 2013

For All the Non-Believers

I'm a terrible blogger these days and when you all hear my excuse you will probably laugh.

I'm too hot.
Not like attractive hot, although I'm sure that's a word many passersby would use to describe me at this moment, but I literally CANNOT handle the heat. It makes me want to do nothing but take an ice bath.

I'm almost 31 weeks and I feel great. Everyone is always so nice to ask how I'm feeling. I have only one complaint - I'm sweaty. 
Usually when I tell people this they chuckle and assume I'm hyperbolizing as usual (which is a fair assumption if you know me) 

But I'm really, really really sweaty.

I don't think people believe me, but its true.
And I can prove it with this disgusting selfie in my bathroom.
I don't know how people take selfies and not crack themselves up. I was laughing so hard at myself while trying to take this photo and do my sweat stains justice, which of course made me even sweatier.

This is after about forty minutes sitting by the pool. SITTING. As in, doing nothing.
I can't even be mad that I'm disgusting because in all seriousness, its kind of amazing right? That my body can produce so much sweat in so little time? I added "being sweaty," to my list of super cool talents. Other super cool talents of mine include: having elf ears, which makes a great conversation topic, being able to flare my nostrils at an incredibly fast rate (think hippo, but less angry), and burning myself every other time I get something out of the oven (even when wearing hot pads!)

So to all the non-believers ... believe me when I tell you that I'm the sweatiest person on Earth.
Because its true.

In less disturbing news, I took Ev to feed the ducks and hang out with her pal, Will at the park a while back. Randall Park breeds quintessential American ducks. They are the fattest ducks I've ever seen! Yet, they keep coming back for more moldy bread.

Ev loved feeding them. She kept saying, "Here you go, duckies."

Apparently feeding ducks makes one hungry for moldy bread.

It was hot (I'm sure everyone is sensing a trend in my complaints these days) but Ev and Will still had a good time. I honestly cannot wait for the rainy season in Eugene to begin when I'm outside sweating like an American Ninja Warrior. 


Maureen and Nathan said...

I laughed so hard at your sweat picture. I am a sweat monster. I am the queen of upper lip sweat. It's the worst. Also, I loooove your cute little belly!! I can't believe you only have 9 weeks to go! crazy! go girl!

Amanda Jeffs said...

Every time I read your blog I'm sad we live so far apart. You crack me up! Lookin' good, Sydney!