Monday, April 15, 2013

Evelyn Turns TWO




She barely needs an introduction or explanation. 
Her sassiness oozes from every picture, as does her undeniable cuteness. 

I'll obviously elaborate on Ev's birthdayness in the coming days, but for the meantime, Happy Birthday (tomorrow) to the girl who makes our world go round!


Darel said...

I check your blog every day and every time I see that little snuggly bear it makes me miss her 1000 times more! That picture of her when she is 2, might be the cutest thing ever. I crack up every time. Well, they are all cute actually. Love her!

Rachey Elder said...

Ev s thee cutest girl ever! I can't believe she's already two. I love her progression pics and can't wait to see the stellar party you throw!

Darrell said...

Can't believe she's 2 already. thx for posting.