Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cousins Gotta Hug

In the prophetic words of Tommy Callahan,
"Cousins don't shake hands, cousins gotta hug."

Here are some quotes from the kiddos this week:
Keith: "Evie, you are going to like this movie." (101 Dalmatians)
Cole: "You are so pretty baby."
Ally: "Baby! Baby! Baby!"
Keith: "Shhhh, shhhh baby. I can't hear the movie."
Cole: "Evie, I'm going to turn you into a werewolf!"
Ally: "Nu-nee!" (Nukie) Trying to shove a pacifier into Evie's mouth.
Keith: "I want Evie to sit with me."
Cole: "I'm going to give Evie a kiss."
Keith: "Evie, do you want this? Here Evie, its a hamburger." (Trying to offer Evie a plastic hamburger patty)
Cole: "Wake up baby." (Trying to open Evie's eyes with his fingers)
Ally: "Nose!" (Poking Evie's nose)
Keith: "Evie is the little baby. Ally is the big baby."
Cole: "She has little feet. Ally's feet are bigger."
Keith: "I want to see her belly." (Poking Evie's tummy)

Here is Woody, playing his harmonica and driving a tractor.

Coley Bear. Yes, he has his hands down his pants.
According to him, his bum is "really, very scratchy."

The face! It still gets me every time.

Cole, turning me into a werewolf as I take a picture of him.
(He is wearing his "wolf ears" from his recent vacation to Wolf Lodge in Seattle)

The kids love to play in "Grandma's House" outside in the backyard.

I sometimes build castles for the kids out of blocks when they are down for their naps. Here is one particular castle that lived about 1.2 seconds once the kids got up. We had to hold them off to even get a picture.

It was so much fun to have Uncle Brent, Aunt Darcee, and cousins Cole, Keith, and Ally come meet Evie. We all had a blast, especially Keith, who smiled tons and impressed us with his tractor riding and walking all over Grandma's house. Please come back Burnetts! We miss you too much!

In other more devastating news, my baby turns ONE MONTH old tomorrow. I am truly beside myself. She's practically driving, graduating college and leaving me. I don't know if I can handle the "growing up" factor.
She officially outgrew her first pair of newborn pajamas, but I'm still trying to force her into them hoping maybe she'll stay little - like a less horrific version of the Chinese binding women's feet. Any ideas on how to make my baby stay little and cuddly forever?


Amanda Jeffs said...

awesome action shot with the kids knocking down the castle!

MaryJane said...

Very impressive castle. Poor Ally...those boys always get to the castle to knock them down first! We're trying to teach Is & Claire that knocking down what ever is built just in those boy genes!

Anonymous said...

I love that blanket she's laying on!

Money and Moni said...

Evie is SO cute! I cannot believe that she is one month old today either! She is beautiful Syd, just like you.

The Potters said...

Sounds like lots of fun with the cousins!! So I am so sad we didn't get to visit you last weekend while we were in Tri-cities. I wanted to come and spend the night on Saturday and go to church with you guys on Sunday to see everyone, but Robert wanted to go to his home he won. But just so you know I am mad at him, and going to his home ward was not that great, and we only stayed for Sacrament. anyway, We miss you guys, and send our hugs to your whole fam!!

Sara said...

I know what you mean! It's so weird for me to see my little May next to newborn babies. I don't want to put her little clothes away!!