Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Pregnancy Post

I am 35 weeks tomorrow. Yikes. This girl is coming fast!
Most of you have probably assumed that we've purchased everything for baby, washed all her clothes, and are basically 100% ready for our snickerdoodle. Ha! Unfortunately that is not true. I still feel like I've got plenty of time to buy a car seat, stroller, crib, changing table, etc. Does that make me the best mom ever? I sure hope so.

Last weekend I was "showered" with what I would consider the most amazing baby shower ever. Like the amazing mom that I am, I took no pictures, so hopefully I can get them from my sister and elaborate. It was seriously a blast. Having a baby has been pretty great so far - minus the elephantiasis in my feet, the loss of my jaw to a quadruple chin, hot flashes and sweaty nights, overactive bladder, sausage fingers, and the fact that my body resembles an adolescent blue whale. Oh wait, and the more obvious fact that I actually haven't had a baby yet and I don't even know what its going to be like. Wahoo! Best mom ever award here.

Okay, but back to my shower - it was fab. Seriously. I have never felt so loved. Which might be pathetic since all the gifts and the reason for my shower was actually my baby, but hey - she's not here yet, so I will take the credit. People are just amazing. So many cute outfits, toys, books, blankets, etc. I need to get my hands on some pictures so you can truly understand the majesty of this shower folks.

But here's the best part. Patti (the incredible host and surrogate grandma to our baby) asked everyone to bring a book to start baby Jordan's library. Not only was this such a cute idea, but everyone brought the sweetest books. If you know me, you know that this is the perfect gift. I love to read and I'm hoping baby snickerdoodle loves it just as much as I do. I've spent the last few nights dreaming about the two of us sitting together reading Pokey Little Puppy, Are You My Mother? and Goodnight Moon. The point I'm trying to make here: We're just going to be buds.

The shower just got me beyond excited for our snickerdoodle to be here. She's really coming! And to prove that I have done a little preparation for her, here's a sneak peak at her nursery. We won't be setting up her nursery here in Yakima. We've decided to wait until we know where law school is. Having to set up a nursery twice sounds bogus to me. I mentioned that I was leaning towards a dessert/french inspired theme. So far its coming together nicely, not too "themey" but it definitely expresses my vision. I prefer bright colors to pastels, which goes quite nicely with the whimsical aspect of desserts.

I made this shadowbox out of scrapbook paper and fabric. I also have two more to go with it, but one has the name we have chosen for our girl (which I'm not willing to share yet) and the other would be giving too much away. I want the nursery to be a surprise! I think the shadowboxes will look cute on her wall, plus they were cheap, easy to make, and oh-so french.

Here is our bedding, courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids. I am officially obsessed with that store.

This is the best part of her nursery so I could not keep it a secret. I found this lady on etsy who makes hand-tuffed wool. She is amazing and she takes custom orders. I really really wanted a dessert themed mobile to go above our snickerdoodle's bed. So sweet LeBrie (Yes, her name is french, which is another reason I chose her) made these macaroons to hang on a mobile! I haven't assembled the mobile yet, but I'm hoping its as cute in reality as it is in my brain. We will see...

My sister told me that I don't post enough "pregnant pictures" on my blog. I'm not planning on taking anymore until I give birth to be honest. I'm not sure I want to remember feeling so swollen. I feel like Aunt Marge in Harry Potter. I could float away at any moment...

Luckily feeling like I ate an entire batch of snickerdoodles everyday for eight months makes me feel excited to meet the real snickerdoodle. She's gonna be such a love!


Jana said...

I have to say you are a very radiant and beautiful pregnant woman. I do have to say that you are very loved because that shower was out of this world, that was beyond any shower I could ever imagine. You will have 1 well dressed and well read little girl.

Relax and rest, you will have plenty to do pretty soon. Enjoy the quiet :)

jennica said...

ummm. can't even handle the macaroon mobile. your little girl is the luckiest and she doesn't even know it! how i would kill for macaroons above my head so they could sneakily enter my dreams... mmmm. miss you!

BeMePhotography said...

Sydney and Nick!!! We just wanted to drop by and say hello! We miss you! I'm glad you are still updating the blog so I don't feel so disconnected from you:-) Can't wait to see pics of the little gal!

Darrell said...

I think you look beautiful pregnant. And yes, the shower was amazing.