Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Birthday Boy

Once upon a time there was a boy
Who’s surfboard was his favorite toy.
He loved the ocean and swam with the fish,
The girls all liked him cuz he was a dish.
He grew up tall and quite the winner,
Despite eating a dozen Krispy Kremes for dinner.

He went to college a snowboarding bum,
Looking for powder, sweet jumps and runs.
Instead he found a single, Smart girl,
About to leave for Paris and travel the world.
The boy was a catch, this the girl the knew,
But Paris was her dream, what should she do?

Fast forward three years and it all worked out.
Married, expecting, and in love no doubt.
The skinny surfer boy is now twenty-five,
About to become the best daddy alive.

The Smart girl turned wife knows she’s got it all,
A kind, studly hubby starting law school in the fall.
Not only is he genius, hard-working, and buff,
But ridiculously handsome and super tough.
To his wife, this boy makes the stars look dimmer,
Which is pretty impressive cuz his name’s not Jimmer.

Everyday’s an adventure with this outdoor guy,
He never quits, gives it all, hoping to touch the sky.
Whether cycling or hiking, climbing or flying,
The staff at REI, knows he’ll be buying.
Despite his love for expensive toys,
He deserves a shout out – lets make some noise!

So Happy Birthday, to the world’s coolest guy,
Who’s skinny and white, but still pretty fly.


jennica said...

Happpppy birthday nick! We miss you guys!
and syd. seriously. you should forget history and take up a career in poetry!

chelsea said...

Happy Birthday Nick!! Hope you are using some of that REI gear heaven knows you don't have enough:)

Chanel Beazer said...

You are so clever sydney! I love reading your blog. You have such a great talent when it comes to writing.

Amanda Jeffs said...

cute, sydney! keep these posts coming!

Chelsea said...

Syd if I could be half the person you are someday, my life would be amazing! Happy birthday to the best brother!

MaryJane said...

So cute. I think Nick's a pretty lucky guy. He sure got a great wife!