Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Married Cousins

The title of this post turned out a little creepier than I expected. Oh well, I have so much to catch up on, it seems frivolous to focus on disturbing blog titles.
Anyway, Nick and I had a great date with Dallin and Cassie aka Mr. and Mrs. Hague today. I still can't believe that both Dallin and I are married! It seems like we should still be boating, eating doritos, and driving the knee board down a sand dune! I have to say though - all three of those things are better with a incredibly attractive significant other. (Dallin and I would know)
Anyway, we went to the Timpanogas temple, ate a tasty lunch, played the Wii, and ate the most delicious snow cones of our lives.
AND, since Mama Jordan bought Nick an amazing camera for graduation, we have actually been taking pictures to document our adventures. Hopefully I will be able to post all the pictures we've taken in the last few weeks during our travels.

The Hagues


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