Sunday, March 7, 2010

Animal Lover + Animal Hater

Nick's birthday was a blast, except for the fact that he had an ear infection and a head cold. Despite being sick, Nick was a trooper and we ended up having a great weekend.

Perhaps the highlight of our weekend was dog sledding - and no we did not have to drive to Canada or fly to Alaska. They actually have dog sledding in Utah!

As you can see we are basically "Iron Will" in all the pictures.

I'm not much of an animal person, so I was a little nervous about hanging out with Balto times ten for an hour, but it was a really fun experience. I knew when I married Nick (who as a child wanted to be a vet) that I would have to give in occasionally when it came to animals. I already told him no pets inside EVER and if he wants an outside pet (and by pet I mean dog because no other animals will ever be allowed) then he will have to take me to Paris first.

But when I found dog sledding, I knew it would be too fun! And plus you don't HAVE to touch the dogs, you can just enjoy the ride! However, I did end up touching a few dogs and it wasn't that bad - Nick is convinced that deep down I want a dog. I love my husband more than anything, but I'm not so sure I will ever love an animal.

Overall, the Jordans just had a great weekend actually spending time TOGETHER. Nick didn't work the entire weekend and it was
I love Nick and I'm so grateful that he chose to marry a crazy person like me! Happy Birthday Babe!


Tiffany said...

Ryan is TOTALLY jealous! I don't know if you know, but Ryan is kinda obsessed with Wolves and Siberian Huskies. He wishes he was there with you and is totally bummed we didn't do that while we were there now. Sounds like a good time. Tell Nick Happy Birthday... I texted him but I don't know if he ever got it because he hasn't texted me back in a long time. Anyways, miss you... I'm going to say that every time I post something until I see you next!!

Darrell said...

I am jealous. What a fun idea. I was hoping you would have included a pic of the irish setter who thinks he a musher. Beautiful dogs. Because they are decended from wolves, I in particular, have an appreciation for these animals. Happy birthday again nick!