Sunday, January 17, 2010

Party on Wayne

Here is what we did NOT do this weekend:
1. Homework
2. Clean our bathroom
3. Re-alphabetize our DVD's
4. Wash our linens

But the weekend's NOT over, so we've got time to catch up on the boring stuff later.
Here is what we did do however:

1. Avatar in 3D with the Taylors and the soon-to-be Reids. James Cameron definitely stole his story line from Disney's Pocahantas, but I will not lie...I loved it! And so did Nick. I can't wait to buy it when it comes out so we can see it again.


The Taylors

Soon-to-be Reids

2. Snowshoeing with the Tranes. Thank you Mama and Papa Smart for the wonderful Christmas gifts! We love them! We can't wait to go again with our friends the Faulks next week hopefully.


The Tranes.

Bear Grylls, Jason Bourne, and Jack Bauer have nothing on the man pictured below. Always ready for an attack, never unprepared, and sly/sexy as a fox, Nick Jordan deserves his own trilogy, reality show, or sitcom. I came home one day to find him like this.
The ice axe was in position, but unfortunately my hubby was out like a light! Luckily it was just me and not some crazy terrorist.

2010 has been so good to us so far. And we can't wait for the next couple weeks. February is one of my favorite months because
1. It's my hubby's birthday
2. It's my favorite non-federal holiday - Valentine's Day! I told Nick that growing up my mom made such an effort to make us feel loved so I know he's feeling the pressure to help me find some cheap decorations. (Something I was adamant about) I seriously love all the red and pink and hearts and love and treats and just everything about Valentine's Day makes me so gitty. I know its a holiday invented by hallmark and See's Candies, but I can't help but look forward to it every year!

This Valentine's is special because it's our first one as Mr. and Mrs. Any ideas for a low-budget date night for my favorite holiday? I'm thinking we should go see Avatar again...


Arleene Taylor said...

Okay if our husbands have to work for whatever crazy reason, than you now it's me and you for sure! we'll go all out :)

Darcee said...

Loved the pic with Nick and his ice axe! Classic! I'm going to try and think of a cute date idea for you guys... We've spent more than a few cheap v-days. Miss you!

Aimee said...

I feel like we should be couple-y friends, because well, Nate and I went to see Avatar this weekend. Along with Pocahontas I'd say it was like Fern Gully. And then also, we've been wanting to go snow-shoeing for a while, but haven't actually rented anything yet.

Tiffany said...

Nick and his ice axe... classic! As for valentines... make a fort in your front room together, look at your wedding album, watch a wedding video (or any other videos from dating), and sleep in there that night. We did this for our first anniversary and I LOVED it!