Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Color Me Mine and other Extracurricular Activities

I'm trying to be better about I'm going to continue sharing the most exciting details of my life in Provo. Did I just say exciting and Provo in the same sentence? I think so.
Nick and I FINALLY have an apartment! We are so relieved to finally have a place to live! I lot of stress has been lifted for sure. First of all, its in a great location and we have some really close friends nearby. Hyrum and Arleene actually live in the same complex but two floors below us and Ryan and Heather live across the street, but they are all in our ward! It's going to be a fun couple of years in Provo for sure. Whoa, fun and Provo in the same sentence again. It must be getting pretty crazy around here. Anyway, the outside is pretty ugly but the inside has been remodeled and it's really nice! No one has lived in it since it's been remodeled, so we could actually take a TUB! No mold, no smelly carpet, it's a pretty sweet deal. We are just so excited. We already have our keys and can't wait to start moving in. This weekend we are having a sleep over with all of our friends. We are all bringing sleeping bags and a projector and we are going to watch movies and have a fun time. Besides a place to live in, not much besides school going on. Oh yeah...and wedding plans! The countdown is officially 35 days! 
I wish I had pictures of the adventure that Nick and I had tonight. Our good friends, Mike and Lauren invited us to go to Color Me Mine again with them. They were having a special promotion where you don't have to pay the fee to get in, so you only have to pay for what you paint. Nick and I happily accepted the invitation. Last time, I picked a very practical plate, and as you all know, Nick picked the "date frog" which we have had a blast using. This time, I picked a little pitcher for syrup on "pancake saturdays," thinking it would be a great addition to our home. I was busy picking out my colors so I didn't notice what Nick had chosen. It went a little something like this:
(Me sitting down next to Nick) : "Is that a dog bowl?"
Nick: "Don't judge me, you don't even know what it's for."
Me: "What else would you use a dog bowl for? We are not going to have a dog."
Nick: "They don't make cereal bowls big enough for me."
Me: "Uh...okay."
Nick: "And eventually we'll have a dog."
So for anyone who thinks I'm bossy, this conversation is proof that Nick will in fact have a dog. He thinks it's good practice for children. I disagree, but I love him so much that I'm sure it wouldn't take too much for me to give in. 
Nick and I are so happy. We were talking about it on the way home from Color Me Mine. Our life is exactly where we want it to be and we are very much looking forward to the future. We are truly blessed! Especially me, because I've got Nick. 

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Provo St. Patty's

Nick and I had so much fun at the O'Smart's Irish party that we thought we would just continue with our own. As you can see we invited our friends (regardless of their heritage) and had a fantastic green dinner. Tyler who is pictured first is the best man in our wedding and obviously the most enthusiastic about St. Patty's. Nick's camera has a function where you can highlight a color which worked perfect for our dinner. The next couple is Mike and Lauren, and then Hyrum and Arleene. Lauren, Arleene and I made dinner while the boys listened to Irish music and played Donkey Kong on the Super Nintendo. (A trend I'm sure I will see more of throughout my life) We died bowtie noodles green and then made pesto chicken. Then we made a green alfredo sauce. We had green salad and asparagus and ciabatta rolls with green butter and mozzarella cheese. For drinks we had lime ricky's. It was quite fantastic. It gets better. For dessert we made "Finger lickin good cake" that came from my Cake Doctor book. Everything was died green of course and it all turned out delicious. Overall, it was a really fun night. I've really enjoyed learning to cook and it's always fun with friends. Hyrum and Arleene are getting married a week before Nick and I and Mike and Lauren will be getting married next Spring, so we'll have some married friends soon!

Monday, March 2, 2009

California Dreamin'

Nick and I had a very busy weekend! We flew to CA on the jetblue flight to long beach and got right to work. However, Nick and I always, always make time to play, because that's just wht we do. The night after Nick's birthday, Gram and Bernie drove down from Pasadena and took us to an AMAZING dinner at Las Brisas in Laguna Beach. It overlooks the ocean and the food is incredible! It's seafood inspired mexican and it is really really great. I'm hoping the Smarts will have time to test it out when we are all down in May! We basically did wedding stuff all weekend and I can officially say that I am pretty much done with stuff in CA! I have a few random little things here and there, but I am not stressed out and everything will be smooth on May 1! Nick and I both battled being sick the whole weekend and unfortunately, my body has given in! I'm pretty sick, but nothing can get me down these days! Nick and I are so excited for the festivities to begin in May!