Sunday, November 15, 2009


Birthdayness. A word invented by the Smart's I'm sure.

Birthdayness. A word put into action by my husband.

Have you ever seen anything so

Wicker basket, leather handles and seat, pale yellow pant with orange accents, and...wait for it...cute little bell. It truly is... "Glory
and Manifestation in all it's essence."
I told Nick I might have to make room for my new cruiser in our bed because I love it so

Cheesecake factory, Nordstrom cafe, California Pizza Kitchen, Cold Stone ice cream cake, homemade lemon supreme cake and HOLY COW TIGHTER PANTS.
Don't worry I'm just stretching my stomach out for Thanksgiving.

Nick wants me to mention that, "Sports do not change with the season like clothes do." Such a wise man I married. Plenty of people ride beach cruisers in Utah during the winter months and guess what? ... I will be one of them!

Shout out to my hubby for making 22 the best birthday of my life! Who knew getting older could be so much fun!


Aimee said...

wow. what a sweetheart. glad you had a good birthday.

Tiffany said...

So cute! Happy Birthday! I miss you so much. You are going to have to move to Orange County because I don't want to live away from you!

sheila said...

I think the birthday girl is as cute as her shiney new, happy yellow bicycle! Nick you never fail to impress. How cool that you helped make this birthday, Syd's best ever! Happy birthday, you are loved very much.

Darrell said...

Wow! What an awesome gift for a most deserving young woman! i can't wait to ride to the market with you. Oh yeah, we're not in France, and we ride to the Supermarket here, where there are very few places to park bikes and people honk at you for trying eke a little riding space on the public roads. O well. You will look cute nonetheless.

Dani Stolworthy said...

So great! I LOVE your beach cruiser & am sooo jealous! Glad you had such a great birthday pretty!

Darcee said...

LOVE the bike. You are seriously so French on it! I can't wait for you to have your first voyage to the market on it. The bell is too much! Ha! Glad you had such a great day. I can't wait to keep the Birthdayness going next week!