Tuesday, June 9, 2009


My husband is the definition of normal. I'm sure you are all dying for me to explain.

Me: Babe, why don't we get rid of all the bricks in the back of the truck?
Normal husband: I use them.
Me: For what?
Normal husband: When I hike the Y, I put them in my backpack.
Normal husband: It makes me stronger.
Me: Okay.

Literally five minutes later.

Normal husband: I got bit by a snake today!
Normal husband: Don't worry. It only got my sock. That's why I wear tall socks with my hiking boots.

For anyone considering being in fashion, I think it would be best if you stopped right where you are and pulled out your old Champion tall socks. (Darcee I am talking to you) My husband has produced a much more important use for them - protecting against snake bites.


Henry said...

I thought you were going to say he threw a brick at the snake. Funny convos.

Darrell said...

Syd--so sorry to say this, but weirdness in marriage only increases with time. Just ask your mother. Be brave!