Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Best Things in Life

School is finally finished and I've had the last week and half to party it up. Nick and I went to SoCal to hang with the Jordans for awhile which was a blast. Then I sadly said goodbye to my Hubby and headed up to Portland on a dirt-cheap JetBlue flight to meet sweet little Ally, our new niece! I took a million pictures of both SoCal and Portland and I will definitely elaborate on both, but I just wanted to post a few because my time with the Burnetts was just too fun.

Little Ally is the most precious little thing I've ever laid eyes on and I love her so much. She is such a beautiful edition to our extended family and the Burnett family.

I love this little girl!

It was so fun to see how C & K have grown! They are too cute and way too busy for almost 2 year olds. Darcee is truly superwoman for taking on such an active little bunch of children
Darc and I had such a good time just hanging out and spending time with her kids. We even found some extra time to go see a movie (Julie & Julia) with Ally and watch the season premiere of project runway. It was a great vacation.

Mom, Dad, and Little D joined us on Friday and we spent the weekend missing Chels, Nick, and Shea. We all can't wait for Thanksgiving when we are together again! Word on the street: Sheila is going BIG on this one! I will definitely not miss her delicious cooking and baking.

Special K

Coley Bear

"Watching" Kung Fu Panda

And of course baby Ally

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Letting Go

It's official. I am throwing away my baby blankie.

He, as I refer to him has been there for me for my whole life, but sadly I have to move on.
Nick hates my blankie and says that I am spreading germs all over our bed, but I try to explain that blankie has a much bigger purpose than being disgusting. Yes he is falling apart and he kind of smells like years of drool, but isn't that what blankies are for?

My blankie loved me when I had braces, when I forgot to brush my teeth before going to bed, and when I cried myself to sleep. For a long time, he was the only man in my life. So isn't it only right that I love him despite his odor?

Although I love my blankie with all my heart, I have decided this - I can still love blankie even if I'm not sleeping with him every night. I have a wonderful husband who snores like a bear and I think it's time that I let go of my dear friend.

This however, does not mean that I will not pass on the blankie-loving gene to my children. They of course will each get a soft blankie to love and cherish until they choose not too.

Farewell my dear friend. I'm sorry I have to let you go.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Video Shown At Reception

This is the video shown at our wedding dinner as well as our reception. Basically just pictures of us from our younger lives and a few since we became a part of each others lives. Good times.